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Deliverrig Ideas and Sincerity to the World


Earth Energy Japan


Why don't you spread your precious products that you work so hard to make to Japan and the world?
We are here to help!
Earth Energy Japan is here to help you make your dreams come true.


Business Description


Expanding sales channels in Japan. 販売チャネルの拡大

Delivering product information to people in Japan 日本の皆様へ商品の情報をお届けします           

We will promote products from overseas through social networking sites, e-commerce sites, and exhibitions in Japan to spread the word to as many Japanese as possible.                                            海外からの商品をSNSやECサイト、日本国内展示会などで宣伝し、一人でも多くの日本人に広めていきます。


Sales at major mass retailers. After raising a lot of support through crowdfunding, we will aggressively sell to major mass retailers. If we can sell it in retail stores, we will be able to sell a lot, which will increase in a degree of recognition and sales.


sales We will sell online as well as offline. Famous online shopping sites in Japan are Amazon, Rakuten, Yahoo Shopping. We also considering building our own EC site and sell it there.


Exhibiting at the Tokyo International Gift Show The Tokyo International Gift Show is the largest trade fair in Japan, which is held February and September every year. A lot of buyers will visit this fair, so we can aim to further expand the BtoB sales channels. However, exhibiting there is very costly, so we will bear all the costs.


Use of crowdfunding クラウドファンディングの活用

We will try to use crowdfunding in Japan to get support for our project.                  国内のクラウドファンディングを活用してご支援をいただける様にしていきます


Introduce great products to people in Japan by selling them on crowdfunding sites such as MAKUAKE in Japan.


■Implementation of crowdfunding We are planning to sell your products through crowdfunding. Crowdfunding allows you to make pre-order sales and promote products. Currently crowdfunding sites such as Makuake and campfire are growing rapidly in Japan.  Since your product is higher quality, I believe it will get more support amount.


Bringing overseas products to Japan 海外の製品を日本へ!

We import products that are rare in Japan.  日本では珍しい商品を輸入します 

We will deliver to the Japanese people good products from overseas that are not available in Japan.


Contact Us

Thank you for your inquiry. We will get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you for your interest

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Hideaki Otake


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